On 18 Dec 2013, at 16:32, John Clark wrote:

It's Bruno Marchal not John Clark who throws around personal pronouns like confetti in philosophical discussions about personal identity.

You are the one not taking into account the 1p and 3p distinction, and when you do, concludes "trivial", but still refuses to handle the step 4.

If it's always been a hot subject among scientists and philosophers then regular old indeterminacy must be pretty old, and I see nothing that is both new and correct about it that you have brought to the table.

The question is: is it enough correct so that you would please us in answering step 4. If not: what is incorrect.

It is clear that you don't take the first person experiences into account, as they are related in good samples of the survivors, in simple relative duplications, or in their iteration.

The first person indeterminacies are defined in term of what is written in the diaries. It contains the self-localization results, and it is a combinatorial exercise to show that the vast majority of first person experience will be highly random (random-incompressible).

If this is trivial, go to step 4.
If not, explain the problem, and, please, without insult, ad hominem remark, and in a way so that we understand our error. But up to now, you only seem to confuse the 1p views with some 3-view on possible 1-p views. Given comp and the definition of 1p and 3p, the FPI is very simple indeed if not "trivial". Things get more interesting in step 4 and after.



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