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>>  >>>  As I said you confuse "indeterminacy" (the general vague concept)
>>> with the many different sort of indeterminacy:
>>>  1) by ignorance on initial conditions (example: the coin), that is a 3p
>>> indeterminacy.
>>>  2) Turing form of indeterminacy (example: the halting problem), that is
>>> again a 3p indeterminacy.
>>>  3) quantum indeterminacy in copenhague (3p indeterminacy, if that
>>> exists)
>>>  4) quantum indeterminacy in Everett (1p indeterminacy, which needs the
>>> quantum SWE assumption)
>>>  5) computationalist 1p-indeterminacy (similar to Everett, except that
>>> it does not need to assume the SWE or Everett-QM). It    is the one we get
>>> in step 3, and it is part of the derivation of physics from comp.
>> >> Only the first 3 make any sense, and even there all those peas are
>> unnecessary.
> > What doesn't make sense about number 4 (the MWI explanation of
> indeterminacy) ?

It adds nothing to number 3, and if there were a explanation of
indeterminate changes, if there were a reason they did what they did, then
they wouldn't be indeterminate. And # 5 is the same as number # 2.

  John K Clark

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