On 14 January 2014 13:40, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Stephen,
> If everything is information being computed then obviously all observers
> are also part of that and thus analogous to running programs interacting
> computationally with the other running programs of reality. I guess I
> hadn't made that clear yet...

That's OK, Bruno has said something very similar, so we're familiar with
the concept.

> Everything is analogous to a running program. Reality can be thought of as
> a single universal running program that can be analyzed into individual
> running programs. The distinction is that biological programs construct
> internal models of their program environments to improve their functioning.
> Non-biological programs just interact according to their natures with no
> such internal simulation data models of their environments...
> What I can't understand here is how the programmes get distributed across
the googols of processors, which you've assured us *aren't* akin to a game
of life (so they *aren't* autonomously running some simple programme that
only interacts with their immediate neighbours).

How is all this arranged?

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