On 1/13/2014 6:10 PM, Edgar L. Owen wrote:

What makes some computations real is that they are computing real and actual processes of reality. They are actually running in reality computing the actual state of reality instead of running in some teen ager's fantasy or video game. That should be obvious...

Example the computations that determine the conservation of particle properties in particle interactions are real because they are actually computing real processes. But the computations that are running in a video game or sci fi film are obviously not computing any reality at all.

Are we now unable to distinguish fiction from reality?

We can distinguish the video game from our reality because it is embedded in our reality. But the characters in the video game can't know that. And we can't know whether we're embeded in some bigger reality. Physicist speculate some of the physical constants that go into the standard model were just determined by random symmetry breaking and might had different values in distant parts of the universe or in other universes. Do you have some argument that this can't be so and that THIS is the only possible world?


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