On Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 6:33 AM Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> *Experience is manifested by information processing. But experience per
> se is not information processing.*

A car is not "fast" but going fast is what a car does. A brain is not a
mind but mind is what a brain does. Information processing is not
consciousness but consciousness is what information processing can do. As
for experience, anything with a memory has that, even the 1946 ENIAC
computer had memory.

*>I accumulate evidence that the more we have information processing
> ability, the less we are conscious.*

No you do not. You may have evidence that you are conscious (evidence that
is available only to you) but you have precisely zero evidence that *WE*
are conscious.

> *Information processing (computation) has been first discovered in
> arithmetic, where there is no matter. *

Discovered where there is no matter? So Alan Turing did not have a brain
made of matter?

> *The fact that the physical reality is Turing-complete explains how we
> can build machine doing it*

Alan Turing described how physical reality can compute anything that can be
computed and he described it in the language of mathematics, the language
best suited for that purpose. Mathematics is a wonderful language but no
language is the thing it describes, no language is physical reality.

>Of course to get this, you need a bit more than the UDA step 3

A bit less would be preferable to a bit more because step 3 was *DUMB*.

John K Clark

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