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*> I put it to you that artificial general  intelligence and artificial
> consciousness are exactly the same thing.To construct one is to construct
> the other. Any AGI is going to be able to do anything a human can do, which
> includes argue convincingly with you that it has consciousness.*

I agree completely but it's interesting to note that there are lots and
lots of consciousness theories out there on the internet but very few
intelligence theories, and none of those consciousness theories are of the
slightest help in making a AI smarter. I think the reason that one vastly
outnumbers the other is that consciousness theories are ridiculously easy
to come up with, there are no objective facts that they must meet, but
intelligence theories actually have to do something. Consciousness is easy
but intelligence is hard.

>* I don't think you can build such a system with just neural networks - I
> certainly don't think that's the fastest route to building such a system.
> But if you did, you wouldn't be able to explain how it works.*

Even the AI couldn't explain how it works just as you can't explain how
your brain works, but none of that would prevent a AI from getting built.
You don't need to know how a AI works to build one, you just need to find a
 learning algorithm like the one humans use and its probably less than one
megabyte, after all the entire human genome is only 750 Meg.

John K Clark

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