Hi Caroline,


I was thinking about you and the kitties. I'm glad to have a new topic to


Anyway, I gather from your post that they didn't have diarrhea before or
soft stools right? I know my vet told me the antibiotics can cause diarrhea.
We had Ashley on Clavomox because of her cow-pie stools, but even after she
was finished with the Clavomox, it took 2 weeks for the stools to harden.
She still has a touch of the soft stools and some stinky gas now and then,
but the smell isn't unbearable as it was before. Our house no longer smells
like a giant litter box. This may sound gross, but how's the smell? With
Ashley it was nauseating-it could seriously bring you to your knees. It
turned out to be persistent parasites or bacteria or something like that
which hadn't gotten cleared up from the first trips to the vet's. She was a
kitty eating out of a dumpster, and I think the vet figured that because of
the damage done, it was taking longer to rehabilitate her. However, she came
to me with diarrhea; she didn't develop it. And it took several months to
get better (after much distress on my part). But, like I said, the vet said
the antibiotics can cause diarrhea. Maybe it just takes a while to get out
of your kitties' systems.


I think it's great that you load up on the vitamins and supplements, but you
make me feel like a negligent mommy! 


Oh, we also switched Ashley to some blander food for a while. I think it was
Science Diet ID or something like that. But, I think you're light years
ahead of me on the nutritional side of things anyway.


I hope you find homes for your babies really soon. You should post some
pictures of them for us! We could all use a little cheering up and a
reminder that the kitties, not our egos, are the most important things here.





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I am down to three foster kittens now as one was integrated to the on-site
adoption facility (the pet supply store) on Saturday.  He was bigger and
totally healthy and getting to be too much for me because he was the
instigator and a bad influence on the other ones.  He was a  B/W little
Kittler, so it figures!  
Of the three I have now, they seem to be having a touch of diarrhea?  And I
don't know what the cause is?  I'm not doing anything different with them.
They all get fed Wellness Wet Kitten food and Eagle Pack Holistic dry
kitten.  Each gets about a half of the small can of Wellness in the a.m.,
and the same in the evening.  When I leave for work, after they have eaten
the Wet food, they get the Eagle Dry- kind of free choice because they stay
in crates when I am not home, so I like to leave them with some food.  They
are all drinking water fine, except for when they tip their waters over, but
I don't think they go too long before I am able to get home and refill them
and it doesn't happen every day (I just ordered "coop cups" from Revival, so
these should solve that problem).
On their wet food in the am I sprinkle L-Lysine free form powder and
Brewer's yeast (and have been doing this for weeks now).  In the pm, I do
the same, but add a sprinkled on gel cap of Colostrum- about 290 mgs each.
I just placed an order for "Just Born with Colostrum" and will be switching
them to that when I get it.  
I think, but am not for sure, that they are June babies and I don't know if
they are from the same litter- 2 might be, but I don't know for sure.  The
smallest now weighs 2.8 (and I should not that this is the only one that
hasn't been fixed yet because it weighed too little, but now with me, it's a
little eating and growing machine!).  The biggest- Yoda- the first one I
took in that I thought might die (weighed 2.4 lbs and they had him on the
floor for adoption!?! with a raging URI!), anyway, he now weighs 3.6 lbs and
I've had him since Labor Day Weekend!!!!  He's a growing monster.
So they all have healthy appetites and they are all gaining weight and
getting noticeably bigger.  They run and play like maniacs (they have so
MUCH energy!  My mom tells me to stop pumping them full of vitamins and
supplements!) when I let them out of their crates twice a day for play-time.
They are all well now-- it took 2 weeks to 14 days to bust those URI's out
of them, but I finally did it.  I stopped the Amoxicillin well over a week
ago, so it can't be that causing the diarrhea?  But now they seem to be
having soft stools, if not actual diarrhea.  Yoda seems to be having the
diarrhea more (I can tell with him because he has a crate to himself and the
other two share one).  My first foster cat- which I guess I am keeping (!),
she's 1 now and no longer a "kitten" but a big, healthy mature cat-- she
gets the same protocol of supplements, except she gets fed 1/4 can of
regular adult Wellness in the am and pm and free choice Wellness Dry Core.
She mingles with the kittens now during "play-time" and she is not having
any diarrhea.   
Does anyone have any thoughts about a possible cause of diarrhea and what I
can do about it?    
I'd appreciate some help!  I haven't had kittens since I was 10, so I just
don't know much about them...


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