Peter B. West wrote:

> Victor,
> The IAC, by this account, only has support for Macintosh and DDE/OLE on
> WIndows.  While some work on support for OLE 2 document formats has been
> done in the Jakarta POI project, I don't know that this will solve the
> problem of cross-platform support for the project you have in mind.  If
> it's not x-platform, it violates one of basic assumptions of the Apache
> XML efforts (although users without access to Java 2 may raise their
> eyebrows at that.)
> Peter


If FOP has some obligation to support any downstream use of its output in a
cross-platform way, then that is a pretty tall order. I guess in my mind
getting the file into cross-platform PDF format is sufficient. I don't have
more than an intuitive grasp of the "basic assumptions of the Apache XML
efforts", but rendering PDFs would violate my understanding of that concept
simply because it ain't XML (support for structure in recent PDF versions
notwithstanding). IMHO, if it is needed at all, it probably belongs in a
separate project. I like the proposed solution of fixing / completing the
FOP Area Viewer much better. (Please count my newbie vote at less than 1% of
the value of the real contributors.)

Victor Mote

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