The IAC, by this account, only has support for Macintosh and DDE/OLE on 
WIndows.  While some work on support for OLE 2 document formats has been 
done in the Jakarta POI project, I don't know that this will solve the 
problem of cross-platform support for the project you have in mind.  If 
it's not x-platform, it violates one of basic assumptions of the Apache 
XML efforts (although users without access to Java 2 may raise their 
eyebrows at that.)


Victor Mote wrote:
> Ralph LaChance wrote:
> <-----Start----->
> Last time I used the Acrobat SDK (1999) it provided support only building a
> plug-in to Acrobat Exchange (not free) - ie. adding functionality to
> Exchange itself -- things like specialized searching, indexing, or
> retrieving simple objects (including text) from the file, adding work flow,
> modifying Exchange's menus etc. It provided NO support for rendering per se,
> and, more importantly, had almost no support for modifying the (free)
> Reader.
> Whether one could use a plug-in as a vehicle for tightly bolting acrobat
> exchange is an interesting concept, but (in my opinion) we'd not have any
> chance to doing anything useful with the reader.
> <-----End----->
> Paragraph 1, Chapter 1 of the Core_API/CoreAPIOverview.pdf document in the
> Acrobat 5 SDK doc says:
> <-----Start----->
> The Acrobat core API is a set of interfaces you can use to write plug-ins
> that integrate with Acrobat and Acrobat Reader. This chapter introduces the
> core API, describing its object orientation and organization, and a number
> of other concepts fundamental to understanding the API.
> Ways to Integrate With the Acrobat Viewers
> You can develop software that integrates with Acrobat and Acrobat Reader in
> two ways:
> * By creating plug-ins that are dynamically linked to the Acrobat viewer and
> extend the viewer's functionality
> * By writing a separate application process that uses interapplication
> communication (IAC) to control Acrobat functionality. DDE and OLE are
> supported on Windows and Apple events / AppleScript on the Macintosh.
> <-----End----->
> There is a separate InterApplication_Communication folder containing related
> documents. Again, I haven't done it, so maybe it is all theory that doesn't
> work for the application at hand. And I don't mean to be argumentative -- it
> just seems that writing a good PDF viewer would be a big enough task that I
> would want to exhaust other possibilities before heading down that path.

"Lord, to whom shall we go?"

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