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>         Sorry for the post in English. How many of you have encountered
>the attitude that a *few* Cape Bretoners have that the language and music
>belong to them entirely, and that you have to have it "bred into you" in
>order to truly understand it? So if you are from away (even from as far
>away as Antigonish :-) there is no way you can gain a true understanding 
>of it?
>         98% of the people I've encountered aren't like that, yet there is
>a small percentage who seem to ruin it by having that sort of attitude.
>These tend to be the same people who aren't willing to make the
>sacrifices to learn the language or really learn the music. Yet they are
>the first to claim that no one from away can ever really have it.
>         Am I alone in having encountered this type of attitude?

I can't comment, since I'm from away myself and have only been to Cape 
Breton twice, once for a course at the Gaelic College. I don't think I'd 
let the attitude of such an insignificant percentage deter me from the 
course I've decided to follow. "It" was in my grandmother, so maybe it's 
skipped a generation, but I like to think that it's there somewhere in my 
genes; the only trouble is that my genes aren't as willing to cooperate as 
I'd like them to be.



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