Hallo a Phauleena:

Sgri\obh thu (you wrote):

> >I'm curious to know how many of you are receiving these messages, a lot
> >of
> >which are in Gaelic, but with translations. If this message reaches you
> >would you please reply with the following information:
> >1. Are you interested in learning the Gaelic language?  Yes, I am.  I
> >have taken 2 song workshops and watched the saol mor ostaig videos.
> >2. Do the messages on this list help you ?  Most of them are too
> >advanced for me, but I try to learn vocabulary from them.
> >3. What would you like to see on this list that would help you get
> >going
> >with your Gaelic.  the recent question asking the meaning of 3 words
> >and suggesting we write sentences using the words was good, although I
> >can't compose sentences at this point.
> >4. Perhaps you're not interested in Gaelic right now. Let's hear from
> >you
> >anyway. A list is only as good as its contributors make it, and right
> >now
> >there must be a lot of you lurking out there. Halloooooooooooooo!!!
>I am very interested, and try to read all the messages that come in.

Gle\ mhath.Tha e math cluinntinn bhuat.
Very good. It's good to hear from you.

'S docha an ath uair bidh thu a'feuchainn rosg-rann no dha\ a dhe\anamh.
Maybe the next time  you will try to make a sentence or two, ( even if it's 
something like "Ciamar a tha thu ?")

A bheil caraidean agad ag ionnsachadh Ga\idhlig cuideachd, no a' bheil 
thusa 'nad oanar?
Are friends of yours learning Gaelic too, or are you alone ?

Sla\n leat,


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