Hai Eideaird 's a h-uile duine,
1. Tha mi a' dol le Si¨saidh, tha ¨idh mˇr agam air a' GhÓidhlig, ach tha
uine beag agam 'ga h-ionsachadh.
I agree with Sue, I'm tremendously interested in the GÓidhlig, but I have
litle time to learn (I was really looking for "practice") it.

2. Tha na teadaireachdan gu math feumail cuideachd, agus tha sp˛rs agam 'ga
The messages are extremely helpful, and I enjoy reading them (is this

3. Bu toigh leam "exercises" a' deanamh, mar "posted" thu air an liost.
I'd like more excersise like you posted to the list (the verbs.)  They help
a lot in getting my mind to actually register and connect with specific
gaelic words rather than mindlessly reading the translation at the bottom if
I don't understand the first time (because I'm inherantly lazy).

Ma tha, Ciammar a tha a h-uile duine?  A bheil sibh trang leis an obair no
sgith oir nach eil cadal gu leor agaibh?  Tha mi fhein gu math sgith is
trang agus feumaidh mi a' dol dhan leabaidh an drasda.
Anyways, how is everyone?  Are you busy with work or tired from lack of
sleep?  I'm tired and busy myself, and I should be going to bed right now.
Beannachd leibh,
Cairistýona )o(

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