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Feasgar math Aonghais 's a h-uile duine,

Leugh mi do fhreagairte 's tha ceist eile agam.
I read your answer and I have another question.

Sgri\obh thu:

I would simply say, " 'S toigh leam seinn....
                        I like singing
This question came up at a study group, and I wanted to get your opinion...If you wanted to put this sentence into different tenses, is it possible with "S toigh leam..." or would you have to use a different phrase such as "cordadh ri"?
Hai a Shiùsaidh, ( 's a h-uile duine)

A Dhia! Dé tha ' dol leis an litreachas agad???  A bheil thu ag éigheach? Chan eil mi bodhar ach baoghalta; mar sin cha dean sgreuch feum!   : )
Oh God! What's going (on) with the lettering at-you??? Are you shouting? I'm not deaf but  stupid; like that, won't do (a) yell use! ( I'm not deaf, just stupid; so yelling does no good!)

Yes,  " 's toigh leam" has other tenses:

I liked:  bu thoigh le ---
Bu thoigh leam cluich an hocaidh 'nuair a bha mi òg.
I liked to play hockay when I was young.
Bu thoigh le Alasdair òl mu 'n do phòs e.
Allister liked to drink before he married. (No, I'm not thinking of anyone in particular!)

I would like:  bu toigh le ---
Bu toigh leam dol a dh' Alba mur an robh e cho daor.
I would like to go to Scotland if  it wasn't so expensive.
Bu toigh le Iain cluich air an fhidhill a nis.
John would like  to play the fiddle now.

Do you like?  An toigh le  ---
An toigh leat seinn?   --- Do you like singing
An toigh le Seonaid snàmh?  --- Does Joan like swimming?

Did you like?  Am bu thoigh le ---
Am bu thoigh leat dannsa? --- Did you like to dance?
Am bu thoigh le Céit sùgradh? --- (Look this one up! "Céit" reminded me of a line in a song....)

Would you like?  Am bu toigh le ---
Am bu toigh leat dannsa?  Would you like  to dance?
Am bu toigh le Calum deoch?  Would Malcolm like a drink?

You could use the verb "a' còrdadh", but I've usually heard it applied to something happening and did you like what happened  ( e.g. An do chòrd an ceilidh riut? --- Did you like/enjoy the visit? ) as opposed to do you like doing something. I don't know if this is a hard and fast rule, but it's a pretty safe guideline to follow. Of course this letter won't be five minutes in transit before I start thinking of exceptions........

e. g. ---Q:  An toil le Iain seinn? Does John want to sing?
            A:  Tha mi creidsinn gun còrdadh e ris.  I think it would agree with him.

That sounds perfectly natural to me.......

Hope this makes it a bit clearer,
Le meas,

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