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Again though, a case of a generic fantasy setting, ------ in fact the! grand daddy of modern fantasy settings, complete with probably the most complex history ever
written, and some absolutely beautiful writing.
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Yes, and that, for me, is part of the attraction to Lord of the Rings and even Star Wars. The back story, history, religions, etc are so detailed you can almost imagine it being a real world even though it is all imagination. As a creative writer of sorts myself i can well appreciate the hard work and hours spent in drafting that degree of detail required to create an epic story like that.
I don't know as much about starwars as I'd like. I've of course seen (and own), all the films, but haven't really had the chance to get as much into the extended universe, backstory and alternate worlds, ---- mostly due to lack of availability
of said novels in accessible format in the uk.
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Well, I can help with that. I know a guy who has a sendspace folder just full of Star wars extended universe books in mp3 and ogg format. If you want I can look up the address and you can download and read Star Wars to your hearts desire.
I do like finding out about a world's own unique nature, backstory and quests. That's again something I love about Sryth, the massive amounts of info on everything,
---- even generic enemy types).
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I do as well. In an RPG game it is like being inside an interactive story. One in which you get to guide in large part how the story unfolds. Depending on your race and class type how you approach a problem might be completely different in nature. For example, a band of heroes come to the end of a dungeon and find the exit blocked by a cave in. A barbarian character might try to use his incredible strength to move the debree away from the exit. A dwarf use to mining might try to mine his way through the debree. A wizard character might try a destruction spell or some other kind of magic to move the debree out of the way. What ever the case your actions are somewhat dependant on your character roll. Anyway, the more detailed the story is the more you can just slip into that roll and begin to think and act like your character. heck, I've even heard of some guild members who have gotten so obsessed with their character rolls that they left the table top RPG gaming and dress up like their character and do play out live inactments whenever possible. Personally, i think that is going a bit out there, but on the other hand I can see how it could be fun. Take a weekend tramping through the woods dressed up as a medieval wizard, knight, elf, etc battling guys dressed up as orcs, goblins, ogres, or some other such thing. I guess that would feel more real than sitting around a table drinking cofee and letting the dm guide you through yet another adventure story.

Basic rules for various settings could be fun, ---- but I'd personaly rather have one incredibly detailed setting with huge amounts of history and plot than a lot
of small ones which are essentially the same game with different  text.
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Again I agree. It is more realistic if all of the events happen in and around the same world with connecting characters etc. Especially, if your adventure is a subplot in a much larger plot. If there is a boss creature that can only be killed with a special weapon you might hav to first undertake a quest to locate and find that special weapon or item which could take a long time to complete. Then, after you obtain it you might have to seak out and find the boss which might take a while. As a result you might wind up with many smaller adventures that are directly and indirectly attatched to the larger plot at hand.

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