Hi tom.

As far as Lotr goes your "preaching to the choire" as the expression has it.

I revisit tolkeen roughly once a year, ---- and that's counting the Silmarillion etc, i've also read much of the lost tales and other work.

I'm not quite at the speaking elvish stage, ---- but it is something I'd like to learn, ;D.

Again though, a case of a generic fantasy setting, ------ in fact the! grand daddy of modern fantasy settings, complete with probably the most complex history ever written, and some absolutely beautiful writing.

But if I get on to talking about Lotr, this message will be very long indeed, ;D.

I don't know as much about starwars as I'd like. I've of course seen (and own), all the films, but haven't really had the chance to get as much into the extended universe, backstory and alternate worlds, ---- mostly due to lack of availability of said novels in accessible format in the uk.

Personally though, I love original settings best of all, sinse that's a hole different world to explore. Of course, if the writer of a text game is good enough, actually strolling through the shire or across tatueen would have it's own fascination, but I do like finding out about a world's own unique nature, backstory and quests.

That's again something I love about Sryth, the massive amounts of info on everything, ---- even generic enemy types).

Basic rules for various settings could be fun, ---- but I'd personaly rather have one incredibly detailed setting with huge amounts of history and plot than a lot of small ones which are essentially the same game with different text.

Beware the Grue!


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