Hi Tom.

That folder of starwars stuff would be fantastic! I'd especially like to find out what happens betwene the films, ---- how the rebellion moved from Yavin to Hoth, what were the repercussions in the empire to the destruction of alderan and the princess officially joining the rebellion, how long was Han frozen in carbonite, and what happened with chubaka's attempt to rescue Han from Jaba earlier?

I could go on, but you get the picture.

Character backstory and methodology is entirely important. even in Sryth, Ekitrina is a verry defigned character with her own backstory, ---- which I'm actually now wanting to finish writing up (it's almost done, just a couple of chapters left), and I try to pick the action choices in the game which most reflect her character.

Larp wise, ---- live action role play, I actually have a fair few friends involved in that type of thing, and the only reason I don't is that running through woods with a sword would be slightly problematic for me. I have however had several people asking me to take my accordian, ---- or just sing, and go and play a bard.

It's actually the setting thing that causes me to lose patience with the vast majority of text rpgs on the net, which seem more concerned with stats and pvp than the actual story of the game.

I also admit I personally am more interested in exploring the world and the story set out in quests than basic rping with other people in online games like Hollow, where your characters actions don't really effect things at large veyr much, ---- you just chat to other characters and exchange backstory. For me finding out about the world and a more complex story is a big part of the fun of such things, ----- even in our mutants game, the gm has a distinct story he's telling, with many character connections and complexities, ---- some related to character's backstories and actions in the game, some not.

For instance, one of our characters is playing a superhero who gained her powers by being a changeling child with a fairy. We're now however having horrible shinanigans with the fay she was changed with, who A, wants to kill her, and B, is the princess of one of the fairy courts, ----- with the other fairy court trying to assassinate her on earth (neutral teretory), and so start a war in arcadia which will also spill over into freedom city (the newyork esque place we're supposedly the super heroe guardians of).

Yes, our game gets complicated!

Anyway, I'm also wondering if you happen to have checked out the Chronicles of Arborell. it's an attempt to create online an entire world and setting with gamebooks, historical naratives, short stories and many other peices of writing, ----- you can even learn the elder tungue of arborell which comes into play in the gamebooks.

The writine is also exceptional. That's one reason I've been so into promoting the site, ---- that and the Gm's very nice accessibility changes, it's a truly fantastic undertaking that has so much more to it than the bog standard run around in generic fantasy world pounding monsters (he's also apparently going to publish his own tabletop rules at some point).

Beware the Grue!


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