That makes sense Tom, though I do want a machine which will do what i WANT IT TO.

INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH ON THE KEYBOARD END THOUGH, Hal's laptop layout I've never had a problem with, ---- indeed I've used it for significantly longer than the desktop layout which also uses the numbpad, as up until 2005, I've always used laptops.

It was in fact playing audio games which encouraged me to try the desktop layout in the first place, BECAUSE THE MAJORITY OF AUDIO GAMES OBVIOUSLY USE f KEYS BUT NOT THE NUMBPAD, AND THUS IT'S LESS necessary to turn Hal's keys off when using the desktop layout.

I can now freely use either without an issue.

While I agree things like Lynux compatibility don't bother me too much, i would be irritated if for instance audio playback was of worse quality, so if I do decide to buy a netbook I'll be looking carefully at sound cards.

Beware the grue!


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