Hi  Dark,

Oh, you noticed? Super Mario Brothers is exactly where I got the idea
for the lava pit from. Although, it doesn't appear in the demo since
the demo only goes to level 2. However, there are a number of
side-scrollers out there that have this style of jump onto a distant
ledge, then use that ledge to jump safely to the other side etc.

One of the more interesting twists on this theme is found in Tomb
Raider Angel of Darkness. There is this room filled with lava from
wall to wall, and there is a fire crystal on the far side of the room
Lara has to retreave. The only way to get the fire crystal is to jump
onto stones sticking up out of the lava. Obviously, there is way too
much risk of over jumping a stone or simply not jumping far enough
sending Lara screaming to her death in the lava below. What makes this
trap especially evil is once Lara lands on a stone it begins sinking
into the lava, and she can't use it again to get back out of the room.
So not only do you have to guess the jumps correctly you need to make
sure to plot a course that leaves enough stones left above the lava to
use to get back out again. I'd love to eventually come up with a
trap/puzzle that rivals something like that. Lol!

Anyway, I agree that we need more games where the player has to use
his her judgement to get passed certain traps rather than just
reacting to this or that all the time. I've found with Mysteries of
the Ancients that once a person discovers how to lower a bridge it is
no longer a trap or problem any more. However, what makes a large
chasm a real problem is if you have to do a running jump to cross one,
because then you have to use some skill and judgement to time the jump
just right rather than pulling a lever and getting a handy bridge.


On 3/17/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> Fantastic that a game is finally implementing this, in fact the lava ledge
> jumping you describe very much resembles a section from the first bowser
> castle in the first mario brothers.
> I'll deffinately be looking forward to trying this.
> As to difficulty, it'll be really nice to see an audio game who's difficulty
> comes from a player's judgement, rather than by simply sticking in too many
> things for the player to react to. Imho those sort of games are far more
> satisfying to get through.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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