HI Dark,

Perhaps there is a middle ground to consider here. Perhaps instead of
a mission parcer or scripts pppersay maybe something like a level
editor. Not sure how that would work, but as long as ships were given
generic names, like Klingon Bird of Prey or Romulan Warbird it might
work with prerecorded speech.

Another possibility is people could submit new mission ideas for
upgrades, and I could write the new missions, add them to the game as
I have time, and release mission packs. It might not be as satisfying
as writing the mission yourself, but everyone, even people who don't
know how to program but have good ideas, could potentially help with
that. As a result I would have the final say of what gets included,
and could test and balance the ideas so they meet my specifications
while letting people have a chance to submit mission ideas etc.

As for the Sapi issue I agree. Buying a good voice like Acapela
Heather, AT&T Crystal, whatever is like buying a joystick. If you are
going to play games it is a necessary purchase. Still most people are
on fixed incomes, and might not want to  put up the $30 to $45 or so
to purchase a quality voice. Especially, if the game is free as Jim
Kitchens games are, or as my Star Trek games will be. In a case like
that it is cheaper for them if I include the high quality voice built
into the product.

Still I am also aware of how much more flexible Sapi can be. Entombed
and Lone Wolf are two very good examples of how Sapi can make some
pretty decent games. In a case like this were you need to give ships,
characters, planets, whatever specific names Sapi is far more flexible
and easier than prerecorded speech. Yet, as i said earlier, in a Star
Trek game using Crystal, Heather, or something like that as the ship's
computer will sound better than Scansoft Daniel for that type of game.
Especially, when it comes to certain names that not every SApi voice
can pronounce without word exception dictionaries.


On 7/11/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Fair enough on both counts tom.
> however, for myself as I've said, I've always felt that with games like
> Jims, entombed and 7-128, investing in a better sapi voice is like buying a
> joystick.
> As you know I use scansoft daniel myself, which I'm quite happy with.
> the other reason i suggested sapi was indeed because of the mission parza.
> It just seems that lw has done really well with this, and lots of people
> have ceated interesting missions to play.
> The startrek universe is so large and diverse, I just would assume people
> would jump at the chance of creating places for your ship to go.
> Of course if work wise this wasn't viable, fair enough.
> i do however agree about the enterprise computer and a synth, and in fact
> that's one clear advantage of stfc over trek 2000 which I do like.
> The cross platform thing I will confess didn't occur to me I'm afraid, sinse
> obviously it's just not somehting I considder myself, but if you did want to
> include it that is true regarding recorded speech making more sense.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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