Hi Dark,

yeah. I know what you mean. I was just giving you an example of how an
editor might work.

Obviously, you might team up with the Klingon ship, Quvaht, to hunt
down ships aligned with the House of Duras who are trying to over
throw the Klingon government. Obviously, in a case like that you would
need specific ship names in order to keep from blasting your own
people. Star Trek, as you pointed out, is usually more complex than
just blasting away at unnamed Romulan, Klingon, or Cardassian

For instance, Commander Sela, commands the Goraxus. As she shows up in
a number of Star Trek epasodes I could foresee her ship showing up in
the game somewhere. Sela, doesn't like the Federation too much, and
she has some  personal issues with the Enterprise in particular. It
would just seem logical that main villains like Sela would be there

Interesting enough your mission idea reminds me of the TNG epasode the
wounded. That's the one where the Phoenix's captain goes rogue, and
the Enterprise is called into help the Cardassians hunt down the
Phoenix. The Enterprise and the Cardassian ship Trager eventually stop
the Phoenix before he starts a war between the Cardassians and
Federation. That's a perfect kind of mission for a game like this.


On 7/11/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> extra missions or an editer would both be nice options.
> The one situation I would like to avoid is one where you create the game, do
> perhaps 12 missions, then nothing gets done, sinse however good your 12 are
> there is always more of the trek universe to explore and challenge.
> As to ship names, well if you are using prerecorded speech, perhaps include
> generic ship names such as romulan warbird, but also have some specific
> names in there.
> For instance, you might have a mission warning that one captain has gone
> rogue and stolen plans to a destructive weapon the Romulans have been
> working on.
> The romulan government grudgingly agree to let a federation ship join the
> search, however starfleet obviously want as much detail of this weapon as
> possible just in case relations with the romulans deteriorate.
> So, you would have a couple of romulan warbirds essentially on your side
> hunting down the ship, but before destroying it you'd need to catch it first
> and perform a deep scan without the warbirds detecting you.
> thus for this mission you'd need both the named ship of the rogue
> captain, ---- say the Runshat, and generic warbirds as well.
> This is just the sort of more complex and delicate mission I'd like to see
> in a trek game myself, and while it would require more extensive programming
> eg, having the reactions of the romulan ships differ and setting the mission
> to end if the warbirds destroyed th Runshat before you scanned it, it would
> also give a far better experience of what the Trek universe is actually
> like.
> beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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