Hi Tom.

there seems a very logical solution to this situation, namely, instead of having the player select a ship, giving them a specific ship for a specific mission. Afterall, starfleet are not idiots, and if some captain insists on taking on a borg cube with an intrepid class ship for instance, they're going to get told where to go.

this could actually be a nice way of making mission difficuties variable.

For instance, in some missions you get a sovereign class ship and battle with the borg etc, or an intrepid class ship and are required to map out a sector of space, or find a hiden targit in a short amount of time.

However, for harder missions, unexpected circumstances could get in the way and you'd find yourself in command of the wrong ship and need to wing things.

for instance look at the Uss voyager winding up in the gamma quadrent with the borg, or some of the situations the enterprise from the original tng series, (a galaxy class ship if I remember rightly, and thus one of the larger, more armoured ships of the time though not up to the sovereign class), Poor old Geordi seemed to be rejiggering the ship's sensors every week to cope with some new alien tech or weerd situation. that would imho also keep the game interesting, and let people create a variety of missions and scenarios for it.

Generally the more choice of starting factors a player has, the more even the difficulty and other factors need to be to insure that it's always possible, this is in fact why jason alan has just flat out said some race/class combinations in entombed are simply not going to work, rather than trying to make every possible set at least vaguely playable.

An alternative is simply restricting choice, and if, as I hope a startrek sim ala lone wolf would also have a mission creator, this would not be a problem.

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