Hi Dark,

Yeah, it is something I would like doing. For one thing I am
personally more interested in a game like lone Wolf with a Star Trek
theme better than something like STFC. I would have done it a long
time ago, but I wasn't skilled enough to try it way back when.

Basically, when I wrote STFC I was pretty new to DirectX, and game
programming in general. I knew programming languages, but didn't
really know how to create games specifically. So I thought I'd remake
a game like Trek 2000, something easy enough to write, and see what I
could do with it. Eventually, out came STFC.

As a practice application/game it was a good start. I got some
experience with DirectX, .Net, programming AI, using game timers, etc,
but the fact still remains it was only a practice application. I never
got to complete it because I lost the source, and I've been dreading
rewriting it even though I could do a better job on it. However, I
think I could just ditch STFC and write something much better anyway.

So, yeah, I am up to the job. I'd love starting over fresh with a Star
Trek game where you command the Enterprise, Defiant, or some
completely non-cannon ship carrying out missions in Cardassian,
Romulan, Klingon, and Dominion space.

One of the features I've been toying with for the last four years or
so is not only making it a real time simulation like Lone Wolf, but
instead of a static ship allow the end user to select the type or
class of starship to pilot. You might select a Galaxy-Class ship like
the Enterprise from the TNG shows, or a Sovereign-Class from the TNG
movies. You might be able to select a Defiant-Class from the DS9
series, or an Intrepid-Class like USS Voyager. All would be unique,
but it would also be difficult to create since there are so many
random variables involved there.

What I mean by that is each type or class of starship has strengths
and weeknesses and were designed for different types of missions.

The Sovereign-Class such as USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E, scene in First
Contact,  is a Federation battle cruiser. It was designed for war, and
was specifically designed as main line defence against a Borg
invasion. The Sovereign-Class also were pressed into active service
during the Dominion War which is why the Federation were building such
ships in the first place.

On the other hand you have the Intrepid Class such as USS Voyager.
They are not necessarily warships.
They are officially classified as a deep space explorer for deep space
research and recon missions. Therefore they are smaller than most
ships in the fleet, are lightly armed, but that is made up for by warp
engines that  gives them a huge speed advantage. Plus they have a lot
of high tech sensor equipment that helps them carry out there recon
and research missions.

Obviously, here you have two extremes when it comes to selecting a
ship. the Intrepid-Class would not be your first choice if you are
getting into a scrape with the Borgk,or the Jemhadar for that matter.
Its too lightly armed, and wasn't really designed for a prolonged
combat with anyone. However, if you want to have a deep space recon
mission it might very well be the ideal choice. Goodness knows Voyager
remained in the Delta Quadrant for 7 years without any direct help
from the Federation and they managed to map and explore a good portion
of the quadrant before returning home. So they are definatly good
ships for deep space exploration and recon.

On the other hand, the Sovereign-Class is the ideal choice for a
combat mission. It is much slower than the Intrepid-Class but caries
up to 500 torpedoes, quantom and photon, has type x phasers that
rotate  frequency between shots, an armored hull, and reinforced
shielding. Basically, its like an armored tank in space, and most
enemy ships aren't up to a Sovereign-Class ship. Species 8472, the
Borg, and a number of Jemhadar fighters could take one on, but not
much else.

So if I were going to write a game it would be difficult to balance
the combat as an Intrepid-Class would be to week and a Sovereign-Class
might be two powerful. Its hard to find that balance which makes it
fun. Challenging but not impossible.

On 7/11/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi tom.
> I believe this question came up before, and actually myself I'd prefer a
> single ship sim like lone wolf with a starship, rather than a multi ship
> command game, just as for me that's far more interesting, especially if it
> followed lw in having a mission creator where you could define different
> objects and circumstances, essentially lone wolf in startrek.
> I have in fact sometimes wondered if David greenwood could modify the
> existing lw program to make it a startrek game, but looking at the way depth
> is handled and the importance of stealth that would probably be as difficult
> as creating a new engine anyway.
> but if you fancy doing this it is something I would very much like to see.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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