Hi Michael and all,

Well, an analog jump system generally works like this. The longer the
jump buttons or keys are held down the further and higher the
character will jump with in reason. A character can't jump forever,
but can jump pretty high or far if the keys or buttons are held down
long enough. The shorter time the jump buttons or keys are held down
the shorter distance the character will jump. So depending on how long
the key or button is pressed you can get anything from a short hop to
a long jump over a pit, spikes, or similar trap. Make sense?

The primary advantage of an analog jump system over a fixed jump
system is you can time your jumps and jump only as high or far as you
need to. It also adds more challenge to the game as if you don't hold
down the jump buttons/keys long enough you might just miss the edge of
atrap and fall into it, or if you hold down the jump buttons/keys too
long you might clear the first trap and land in a second trap. I've
minimized some of this since its kind of hard to judge distances, but
that's generally how many mainstream games work.


On 8/7/11, Michael Taboada (AI5HF) <ai...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Would you mind explaining to me how this analog jump system works, as I've
> never used or heard of it before, having not played many mainstream pc or
> other games.
> Thanks,
> -Michael.

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