Hi Bryan,

Yikes! Battle Toads was one very very hard game. I never got the hang
of playing that game when I could see let alone play it blind.
However, you are right.

The standards in difficulty for mainstream games are often far higher
than any accessible game. The people who make an issue about Shades of
Doom, Mysteries of the Ancients, Q9, etc being too hard is from people
who have no experience with gaming. At least so little that they don't
really have anything to compare it too. The sad thing is that if a
developer such as myself created an accessible version of Battle Toads
with the same game play and challenge it probably wouldn't sell.
People would not like the difficulty involved in playing it, because
it is too far beyond their experience level.


On 8/11/11, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> Exactly. I discuss a lot of the games I would want to create or see created
> in audio form. I just had a rather wicked thought about that not too long
> ago, brought on by aving heard some blind gamers complain anytime some new
> developer tries to introduce a little real challenge to the market. I got to
> thinking that if some people think MOTA on Easy or even Q9 is too hard (I've
> heard more actual complaints about the former), then there really ought to
> be an audio game in the same style as the NES version of Battletoads.
> Anybody who really had the chance to play that game will know that it was
> famous, or perhaps infamous would be more accurate, for its difficulty which
> I need hardly point out was not customizable. I'm quite sure that a few
> minutes alone with Battletoads would shut up those who think MOTA or Q9 is
> too hard.
> We are the Knights who saaaaay...Ni!

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