Hi Dark,

Exactly. That's one of the core problems with developing games.
Creating an arcade shooter like Space Invaders, Judgment Day,
Troopenum, etc is fairly simple to do and that's why there are so many
of that type available in the audio games community.  It doesn't
require much skill or eexperience to pull that type of game off.
Something like Elite Force and Elite Force II are full blown 3d FPS
games with a complex storyline, acting, and a degree of complexity
much harder to match. therefore someone only skilled in arcade
shoot-m-ups is going to find it more difficult to take on something
like Elite Force as its way out of his/her league.

You are also right about RPG games.  One way to simplify something
like an RPG game is to use Sapi like Entombed does, or to output
directly to text. I'm looking at creating an RPG engine that does
exactly that as I'd like to see more roll playing games and outputting
messages via Sapi is preferable to me than reading a web page to
locate text. Especially, considering the real time RPG games like Star
Wars: Old Republic is very hard to do in audio alone anyway.


On 8/11/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Michael.
> just a correction, we do have one real time zelda style rpg, at least in
> developement, the game Airik the clerric. I've not yet been able to play it
> sinse it's not compatibile with windows xp, but it does work on windows 7.
> The sounds are slightly temporary, but the gameplay is deffinately of the
> real time rpg style.
> On a more general point, while you are right, it is also worth remembering
> that the more complex the game, the more trouble it is to make.
> As Philip Bennifall shows in the example games for bgt, making a basic
> sterrio targiting type arcade game is comparatively easy, but making
> something like startrek ilete force or kings quest is another matter
> entirely.
> one way to reduce the complexity is to make them as textual rpgs, or at
> least use sapi the way entombed does.
> i'm fairly certain that sinse there are many fans of these sorts of games
> (including myself),k some of the more experienced devs will take up the
> challenge of building them, but sinse such a game requires a very compitant
> programmer we may have to wait.
> I am however confident given the way audio games have been going recently
> that we'll see more rpgs soon.
> Afterall, there was a time only a few years ago when stratogy games were
> extremely rare. now it seems we have several, and some like sound rts and
> castaways are extremely complex (in fact I am hoping that the sound mud
> project which jeanluc began before sound rts may be finished soon.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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