Hi tom.

I am okay if I don't need the sholder buttons, and can hold a gamepad with my index and middle fingers on the pad, and my index, middle and ring fingers on the buttons to the right. This is the way I used to hold Atari 2600, and amigar joysticks (back in the days when they had just the one fire button), arcade game controls and indeed pads with no shoulder buttons such as those on the sega mastersystem.

For me, I just got too used to having for instance jump shoot and run activated by three different fingers, with my index or middle finger ready to hit other buttons for stuff like extra weapons.

Take a game like mega man 4 onwards or super metroid where you need to jump around, slide, and dodge all while holding the fire button to have a charged up shot ready. that would be damnably! difficult on a joypad, indeed I've seen mega man guides which devote hole sections to how to do this while holding buttons just with the thumb!

the hole process of just! using the thumb and ignoring all other fingers just seems utterly insane to me!

As for specials, well firstly there joysticks rock! whether it's just holding buttons and directions, or something more complex like the motions in streetfighter type games where you'd need to for instance do forward, down, diagonal down forward and punch to perform a dragon punch, ---- all in a smooth flowing motion.

As an interesting fact though, there is! actually a beatemup made for pc keyboards exclusively. this was the game One must fall 2097. It was a beatemup produced for pc dos in 1997 where you controlled giant robots with their own stats and could fight in tournaments. The battles though were one on just like in mortal combat or streetfighter.

A friend of mine sent me a preconfigured dosbox copy a couple of years ago, and surprisingly it plays extremely well on pc keyboard, even moves like activating fireballs with a half circle cross ie, right, down left punch, or doing Jaguar's drop attack where you could hit down and punch in mid air to grab your opponent off up the ground and flip them over your head.

I admit the game was programmed specifically! to play on keyboards, sinse most pc owners at the time didn't have joypads, but I was amazed how well it worked even so.

so for me, it's either a decent arcade joystick, or keyboard currently, though hopefully I'll be able to extend that to mouse as well.

Beware the grue!


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