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> On 04/14/2010 06:42 PM, Jose Quesada wrote:
> > Great post Abdel.
> >
> > The idea of sharing repos as a portable document format is great.
> > The only issue I have with git is that it depends on a mixture of
> > C, shell and perl scripts that make it hardly portable. But I could
> > be wrong.
> For what we need, only the compiled c program is required. But in any 
> case msysgit runs pretty fine under Windows and git has even been
> ported to MSVC nowadays.
> > Assuming a working python on the system is not that bad (OSX, *BSDs 
> > and linuxes most have them). And python is already a requirement
> > for LyX right? So my vote goes to mercurial.
> We are not at the voting step just now, this is all vaporware we are 
> talking about ;-)
> AFAIK mercurial also rely on some compiled c-code but I can be wrong.
> In any case, the goal would be to rely on an installed git or
> mercurial, not to redistribute them I guess. Under Windows,
> distributing git or mercurial would just be a packaging issue,
> nothing else.

I don't know what the technical challenges might be, but do we have to
choose? Emacs supports RCS, CVS, bazaar, mercurial and git (at least -
there may be others). Let the user choose. The LyX side of it doesn't
need to do everything. Again using Emacs as the model, it allows
commits and reversions, shows annotations and other forms of history,
takes snapshots -- all through a common interface.

If it isn't necessary, I don't think that LyX should lock into one
system. Thinking particularly of collaboration, most of our
collaborators are less flexible and less informed than the members of
this list.


> Abdel.

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