On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 3:17 PM, Luca De Marini

> Boys I made a polite question because I can offer a personalized and charge
> free SVN service to Lyx. Weirdly enough, I received no answer. Intilinux
> Projects, see here:
> http://projects.intilinux.com/
> We are Italians but I speak English perfectly so there's no problem if u
> need anything: we can not only host u but also give u all the coding
> services u need: svn, bzr, cvs, forums, anything u need really. Now, can u
> please tell me if ou services are needed?


the discussion is about Wave-based or Wave-equivalent systems vs Version
control based systems for document production and documents' life cycle
management. The link you posted, however, speaks only of code-management:
Sei un programmatore ed hai bisogno di spazio WEB, WIKi e/o servizi come SVN
e Trac o altri* per sviluppare il tuo progetto?

Either the services  you offer are not relevant to the discussion, or you
should rewrite the home page of your site! I, for one,  wouldn't mind
 trying it out for some of the stuff I am writing, at least on an
experimental basis.



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