Suggestion for a nice powerplane - clearance.

Set your relative coordinates to, say the bottom lefthand corner of your board.
Set a snap of 50 or 100 mils.
With reference to the bottom lefthand corner, highlight and copy the 
board-outline  - in your case this will probably be the lines on your 
Keepout Layer.
Enable all Powerplane layers and make one of them the active, the current 
layer - it will show you down the bottom of the screen.
Use the "paste primitive onto current layer - feature and paste your 
keepout-layer linework
onto the current layer, then make the other powerplane layer to be the 
current one and repeat the step.
You may want to do this for both the soldermask layers aswell.
Next, disable Highlighting and click on one of the lines.
A window pops up - asking which of the tracks you'd like to edit, select 
one of them - new dialog-box opens - enter your required track-width -
eg. 100mil - that results in a 50mil recess of the powerplane,  - do a 
global change and all trackwork for this current layer will change to 
desired trackwidth.
Do the same for all the other layers you've pasted the boardoutline down onto.
Hope this keeps you out of trouble.

At 16:18 12/02/01 -0600, you wrote:
>Do you connect them to the nets you are putting on the plane or just have
>them around the parameter. This one cost me plenty! What happened it they
>decided to trim them to spec and sanded the boards down where the plane is
>exposed! Scrap 500 pieces and busted my confidence in the plane rule! Protel
>have a Power Plane clearance rule but it doesn't adjust the distance from
>keepout. That is what I need to do is make sure the plane is 20 mils from
>the keepout.
>Thanks for your suggestion I and trying it as I type!
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>           I have always placed rectangular fills around the edges of my
>on the power planes. Protel will warn you that there are primitives on the
>planes in the DRC. Check these are only the fills you intended then proceed
>generate gerbers. I have to say that I would expect a good PCB manufacturer
>ask if I intended the plane to 'hang out' the edge of the board or if I
>it cut back.
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