Hi Terry,

You raise a lot of good questions.  I don't think any of them can be
answered just "yes" or "no".  My opinion, as the CEO of Lavenir is not so
relevant.  However, I think it would be worthwhile to give PCB manufacturers
an opportunity to weigh in on this topic, since it is so very important.  I
suggest that we compose a short questionnaire regarding these issues;
pitched directly at the PCB manufacturer.  I would be happy to forward the
questionnaire to every customer of Lavenir that is a PCB manufacturer (over
1,000 customers worldwide).  Replies would be anonymous, so our customers
would be free to tell it how it really is, as opposed to what might be
"politically" correct.  Let's see what kind of response we get.

Terry, perhaps you would like to take the initiative and compose a few
questions that could be answered in either a "yes" or "no" format or in a
multiple choice format.  I think there should be no more than five or six
questions.  Anyone else interested in participating?  Is this worthwhile?


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On Tue, 01 May 2001 16:23:18 -0700, Max P. Henzi wrote:

Hi Henzi, 

Glad I managed to prompt some response. 

<Huge snip> 

>The IPC is hard at work on generating a revision to this specification.  I
>applaud the efforts that Protel is making to provide an integrated tool
>addresses not only design issues, but also manufacturing issues.  It is not
>a small task.

But what in your opinion is the bottom line?

If designers do supply PCB manufacturers with D-356 netlists what do you
expect manufacturers to actually do with them? 

Use as is for PCB test? 

Tweak (like they tweak gerbers) and use for PCB test? 

Use them to verify netlists scanned from tweaked gerbers (and use one or
the other for test)? 

Use them to help scan tweaked gerbers (save a lot of awkward pad
recognition problems and manual guidance). 

and depending of which of the above they do what 'level' of D-356 netlist
is required? 

Seems to me a basic D-356 netlist would be adequate to assist in gerber
scanning and crosschecking. A full blown D-356A would need tweaking to suit
the board house processes and testers, would they use it or use one they
are ready got from gerber scanning? 

If you (can) and do supply a full blown D-356A netlist then do Gerbers
actually contain any additional information? If not why supply them? 

Where does D-350 come into it? 

Sorry to have so many questions - don't bother if you don't have the time

Cheers, Terry.

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