Your experience with Protel support matches mine almost exactly, minus the 
2 month late report.
I do wonder how many others have had the same experience?

Now, I would like to point out that all of us who post regularly to this 
list are "public figures" now, and might receive preferential treatment 
simply to keep stuff like this off this board.  I don't know if this is 
happening, but it sure isn't brain surgery to figure that out....especially 
since they are now charging for the black hole treatment.


At 06:02 PM 12/12/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>I'd love to know who is getting support for "ancient" versions of software.
>I can't get support for 99SE from Altium!  I never even bother to call them,
>because they are a black hole.  I send email, leave phone messages, etc. and
>never hear a word back.  If it wasn't for this list (which I am NOT paying
>anyone for) Protel would be 'shrink wrap' software, ie. you gety what comes
>in the package, and you'd better be able to figure out all problems yourself.
>Well, when I used Accel's Tango years ago, I could call them up and actually
>talk to a live person.  Sometimes they had a workaround, sometimes they said
>"oh, well, if it crashes when you do that, then don't do that."  But, I can't
>recall actually having spoken to anyone at Protel (now Altium) about a
>technical problem.  I did call their sales people and speak to a human.
>And, if I sent an email on technical issues, I once heard back from them
>2 MONTHS after the report was sent!  The several other times, I NEVER
>got any response at all.
>Unless I'm singled out because we are at a University (they never told us we
>wouldn't get support due to our edu. discount as some other vendors do)
>I can't believe they are claiming support costs are killing them.
>Any comments on the level of support others have gotten?

Frank Gilley
Dell-Star Technologies
(918) 838-1973 Phone
(918) 838-8814 Fax

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