If subscribers to this list were to receive preferential treatment, it 
would most certainly be invisible.

The purpose of which would be to insure that posters here would have no 
reason to complain about tech support on a public forum.  In a highly 
organized department this would typically take the form of a list of names, 
and if your name is on the list you are most certainly called back, or your 
question responded to in the most appropriate manner.  Any hint of 
preferential treatment would be well hidden- and for best results the level 
of support would be much the same as everyone else.
Not that any of this is actually happening.  If it were, we pretty much 
wouldn't know.  I just wanted to point out that it could be easy to skew 
our opinions with such a simple and invisible "technique", if you will.

Like Abdulrahman said, after we learn the software we also learn that we 
have little to gain by calling tech support...so the more experienced and 
vocal ones here would basically be unaffected by such a "policy".

It was really just food for thought, I didn't mean to imply that there was 
an actual conspiracy :)


At 03:28 PM 12/13/2001 -0500, Abdulrahman Lomax wrote:
>At 09:37 AM 12/13/01 -0600, Frank Gilley wrote:
>>Now, I would like to point out that all of us who post regularly to this 
>>list are "public figures" now, and might receive preferential treatment 
>>simply to keep stuff like this off this board.  I don't know if this is 
>>happening, but it sure isn't brain surgery to figure that 
>>out....especially since they are now charging for the black hole treatment.
>If anyone is getting preferential treatment in order to keep criticism off 
>of this list, it is invisible to me. Once I was contacted by Mr. Martin 
>and asked to cease a particular discussion -- this was more than a year 
>ago; there were legal issues involved, Protel was researching them, there 
>was possible harm to users and/or to Protel, so I agreed. There was no 
>quid pro quo, no special treatment offered to me.
>I have seen no sign of any other attempt to influence my writing. At 
>various times, I have heard comments from Protel officers like "you ought 
>to never have to pay for an upgrade again," but this was spontaneous and 
>as an expression of gratitude for the work I have done, not a carrot 
>offered to induce me to some action.
>I haven't called Protel for support, ever, so I don't have experience with 
>that. I was introduced to this list from the beginning. I've called many 
>times with issues around license resales, etc. My impression has been that 
>most of the people I talked with did not know who I was. (When Protel was 
>in Utah, usually I was recognised.)
>I do, however, have some access to back channels; I've had good 
>correspondence and conversations with a number of Protel/Altium officers, 
>up to the top; but I have not attempted to use those channels; I've been 
>intending to write to Protel about the ATS situation and some related 
>issues, but I haven't found the time yet.
>It was true at one time that nearly every Protel employee read this list. 
>My impression is that this has changed, particularly the U.S. sales people 
>don't seem to be aware of how discussions are going here.
>Abdulrahman Lomax
>Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

Frank Gilley
Dell-Star Technologies
(918) 838-1973 Phone
(918) 838-8814 Fax

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