So it seems that the consensus here is that twin CPU machines are
I am in a quandry because the goal here truly is to maximize productivity.

So, what influences my productivity?

Right now I am in a max plus II design cycle where I am waiting on compiles
for up to 10 min.  watching 99% CPU usage assigned to max2win.

It seems that the fastest possible solution to the single problem of compile
time is:

    fasted possible CPU.
    highest possible memory bandwidth.

Since the problem is only going to run on a single processor (current
software rev anyway) is it not true that the compile time will be minimized
in a single CPU configuration (MAX speed...)  Of note the single CPU 2.53ghz
boards w/ pc1066  rambus memory seem to be the fastest CPU/memory bandwidth
configuration available.

I have 3 other computers including my old 1ghz athalon available.  So, I can
check my e-mail... on the other machines while waiting.

I currently don't use the auto-router (high speed mixed
analog/digital/ecl...), although there may be a reason to in the future
(like if the new autorouter from PROTEL is worth beans.

I can live with the single processor limits on Max plus II. (OS slow as
molassis during compiles)
I can live with one processor using PROTEL (no autorouter), although an OS
available during sims would be nice;)

Any seasoned guesses out there on performance increase
(compiles/autorouting/sim) from  1Ghz athalon 100Mhz fsb to:

1.  Dual Athalon MP2000+ 1gb 266Mhz DDR. (around $2500)

2.  2.53 Ghz P4  533mhz fsb  1gb pc1066 rambus. ( around $2500

3.  dual xeon  2.4 400mhz fsb  1gb pc800 rambus.  (over $5k)

By the way in no way do I disagree with the 2 processor vs 1 processor for
overall usability, but the SOLE justification right now for the new machine
is a productivity increase on compiles.  We all know though that there will
of course be later requirements.

Oh, and one more time: does anyone know of an altera listserver?  I can't
get newsgroups until I wring out some stuff w/ my ISP (pacbell dsl).

Thanks again,


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