At 01:17 PM 5/4/2004, John A. Ross [Design] wrote:
I am still getting some ERC errors on some pins connected to power
objects in the ERC. These errors now match up to corresponding netlist
import errors 'net already exists'

The issue seems to be where there is only one power object of the same
net on a sheet. Its as if these pin/power port connections are being
treated like single pin nets on a sheet level and not connected

Yes, looks like that.

See sheet contents

#2 Error   Unconnected Passive Pin On Net 3V3A
   ID KEY.SCH(R400-2 @870,665)
#13 Error   Unconnected Power Pin On Net GND
   ID KEY.SCH(U402-1 @970,460)

You aren't getting a floating power port error (I assume), which is significant. This means that Protel is treating the passive pins as connected to the power port, but the power port is, as you suspect, not being treated globally.

Now, I'd never run an ERC report in DXP. What I ran into trying to check all this out is typical of what happens to a 99SE user. Do I need to go over all the gory details? First of all, ERC is automatic, when a design is Compiled. I used the example design 4 Port Serial Interface. When I do Project/Compile Document 4 Port Serial Interface.SchDoc, I get a pile of error: duplicate net name messages. There are 13 wires on the top level, there are 12 duplicate net name messages. I don't see any error markers created.

If I place net names on the wires on the top level, then I get no messages. That in itself is a problem: how do I know that Compile executed? (But if I move a net label off of its wire, I do get the appropriate errors). But no error markers. Why not?

At this point, I'm out of time.... It can take *hours* to try to figure out the simplest things in DXP:

How to generate an error report (I still don't know how; I see error Messages but not a report document.)

How to create or control the creation of error markers (I know where the error matrix is, but don't know why markers are not being created when messages *are* being sent regarding errors).

How to get the Compile function to verify the whole project (i.e., parent plus child sheets) instead of just checking the parent sheet. (I created an error on a child sheet and ran Compile on the top level, no error message was generated. With net lists, there is an option to generate the net list from the project or just from the current document.) And this goes on and on....

Yes, I do need a book: DXP, a Manual for the Compleat Idiot. (All this stuff was *easy* in Protel 98/99. Yes, users often had questions, but many of the questions were simply a matter of overlooking what was relatively obvious; I don't recall anything like this mind-boggling sense of helplessness when learning Protel 98. Most of the questions in Protel 98/99 were about the ins and outs of connectivity, which can take some time to understand, and there were some quirky behaviors.)

On the other hand, there are some really great new features.... and I mean that. Placing Net Labels on the top level sheet was easier, because there is a look-ahead analyzer of what is typed which means that if you type enough characters of an existing net name, you don't need to complete it; plus there is a pull down menu and a memory of the last label placed, so it was easy to, for example, place the series of names INTA, INTB, INTC, INTD, it was really just a few mouse clicks.... (The memory was there before, but not the lookahead and pull-down menus.)

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