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> At 08:12 AM 5/5/2004, John A. Ross [Design] wrote:
> >However I made a small test board, parent + 5 child sheets using the 
> >same ID key.sch file in it and it does not show the error under the 
> >same enviroment so the problem seems localised to the other 
> design (or 
> >the number of sheets).
> Very good. Now, if you've been specific about this, please 
> refresh my memory. My impression is that the problem exists 
> only in DXP, and with this specific design. I also assume 
> that you have verified that the problem does not exist in the 
> 99SE version of the design. If these are not true, please correct me!

No, this is in the 99SE design I am preparing for DXP2004 import.

When opened in DXP, the compiler chokes because of the power port connectivity issues 
demotion to local net for power) and also chokes on the multiple sheet entries.

The top sheet can be easily rewired to remove the sheet entry issues but the 
connectivity issue is
driving me nuts. 

I actually enjoy these challenges but when time is against you it takes the fun out of 
it :-)

I have been collecting some notes, caveats and precautionary tactics to move the last 
of these 99SE
designs I have to DXP2004 (about 60 or so) which is why I have been re-evaluating my 
workaround of
wiring up power nets on the top sheet (thus bypassing the assumed 'global' power 
connectivity). The
end document will be formed to a procedure for others to follow and it is a lot faster 
and easier to
edit / prepare it in 99SE than in DXP2004.

Although I have had to put this aside for the moment, currently my train of thought is 
that a wire
label or other additional net naming object is present or exists on some other sheet 
than the id
key.sch one, possibly hidden or moved under a component with the POE touching a pin / 
wire which is
already connected to a power object. 
This would make sense to me. 
It is not the first time I have seen the error markers in 99SE placed at the conflict 
position and not the source (due to position in netlist). 
So I intend to pick through the netlist first then all sheets one at a time.


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