At 07:51 PM 5/5/2004, John A. Ross [RSDTV] wrote:
I never use operators as part of net or power port names, always like 3V3A, 5D, 12V, 12VV and so on.

It is habit as other tools I use do not like things like +5V etc.
I guess from your comments Protel can have issues with this as well?

I don't think so, and Ian said he hadn't seen it, it was just a stab in the dark. If no error screams, it missed.

There is a bit of pressure on me just now on other projects so I might be overlooking something
obvious, too much haste is usually counter productive.

Yes. You can focus on what needs to be done now; as to all the upgrades, I'd suggest trying each of them, if it imports fine, or with a few obvious and easily fixable problems, then finish it. If not, set it aside (with the one you've already described).

If, after you've worked with a few, it looks like most of the projects have serious problems, then you might put the whole translation project on hold and come back to it when you can, or when one of the translations becomes hot.

If there *are* a lot of problems, it would seem that 99SE error conditions were routinely being ignored and dealt with in an ad-hoc manner, thus accumulating problems, pointing out how failing to fix an error condition when it is first found can lead to more error conditions in the future, etc.

Design Group Rule: a project is not done until the schematic and PCB run clean ERC and DRC reports, without arbitrary suppression of error and warning classes. It takes very little time to do run the reports. Yes, it can take, sometimes, a lot of time to find and fix the error conditions, but it will take much less time after the designers know what to avoid, and they won't know that if no one ever finds the real causes of the errors....

(Designer: "I thought it was ugly to have that unconnected pin visible and, besides, it generated an unconnected pin warning, so I hid the pin and the warning went away." Design Checker, slapping his own forehead because it is much more socially acceptable than slapping the designer, "But that will cause the name of that pin to become a global net -- normally used for power. Instead, either delete the pin from the symbol or show it and put a No-ERC directive on it if it is to be unconnected." If it is *never* connected, better to delete it.)

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