On 03:55 AM 6/05/2004, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:
At 08:12 AM 5/5/2004, John A. Ross [Design] wrote:
However I made a small test board, parent + 5 child sheets using the
same ID key.sch file in it and it does not show the error under the same
enviroment so the problem seems localised to the other design (or the
number of sheets).

Very good. Now, if you've been specific about this, please refresh my memory. My impression is that the problem exists only in DXP, and with this specific design. I also assume that you have verified that the problem does not exist in the 99SE version of the design. If these are not true, please correct me!

Based on those assumptions, there is, I'd say, a DXP bug of some kind. I suggest starting to delete stuff from the schematic. Delete some sheet symbols on the top level and see if the problem remains. If not, then restore them and delete something else. Try to pare down the schematic to the minimum set of objects and sheets that show the problem. At the same time, the IP involved will be removed.... and then the schematic can be shared with anyone interested.... so that we can see if we can duplicate it. The process itself may reveal the problem.

Abd ul-Rahman,

As I understand John's problem it is in P99SE - he wants to remove/understand the problem before bringing the design into P2004. A cautious and sound idea, IMO. I don't like surprises like this either.

John - I have been trying to follow this thread but I have had little to offer. Power ports not acting as simple global nets is not something I have ever seen in P99SE.

Just some random ideas ...

Have you tried changing the names of the power nets? In particular have you tried making your power nets something like V5 rather than +5, that is not a valid looking number. (This is a loooong shot and is not a problem I have ever noticed in P99SE.)

You say it seems to be specific to one design, suggesting either that your simplified small test does not exactly represent the problem case or it is something broken in the original. If you can track it down to the presence or absence of one specific sheet or port or power object etc that may offer some insight.

What happens if you do load it into P2004 and then use the Navigator to inspect the netlist and hierarchy? Does it look right?

Good luck,

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