>Before the guys at Dantz get back from the holiday, I'll let you in on a
>little secret - 519 errors are some of the most common. They are not caused
>by Retrospect, just found by it.
>Retrospect is very demanding. It requires that everything be right in your
>machine and network setup (Imagine that).
>If you are having 519 errors, there is a problem in your setup, either
>hardware, software or network. You most likely either have a SCSI problem
>(which was the case the last time I had a 519, termination problems), a
>system incompatibility (sometimes a corrupt system or mismatched components
>(like OS 8.5 with ASIP 5 (that was pretty stupid)) or a network problem
>(replace those old hubs with switches, which creates more potential

I've always said that if you tried to design a network stress-testing tool you'd end 
up with Retrospect... It is obviously trying to max out everything, all the time, and 
will find problems wherever they lie.

If 519 is, at it seems to be, a generic error, then how do we find the cause(s)? It 
seems to me that they present a problem only if their frequency undermines the 
successful completion of a backup. On a setup (as I described) that can't complete a 
Recycle or Incremental backup on one day, a 519, leading to one machine not being 
backed up, can't be considered a problem - unless it fails again the next day.

Yes I'd like to fix every problem on the client's network, but it isn't financially 
viable to do so. So what is the best methodolgy for finding the problem? The Dantz TIL 
is useful but does not address this.

One thing that is always common is the backup machine, backup device and the network. 
If a 519 can be caused by local, backup server-related cause such as a termination 
problem, as well as client-related problems, then the error message is useless for 
fault-finding. So where to start?

>BTW, why are we all at our computers this morning? Isn't this supposed to be
>a holiday?

Only for that small percentage of people in the world who live in the USA...

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