[vconsole-discuss] Where is the source code ?

2007-05-25 Thread LingBo Tang
No source available outside. You can refer from internal workspace if you want. Regards, Lingbo Moinak Ghosh wrote: Hello, Looking at the downloads I cannot see any source code available. where can I grab the source ? Is there a mercurial repository present ? Regards, Moinak. --

[vconsole-discuss] console device management proposal

2007-03-05 Thread LingBo Tang
Hi all, The attachment is a proposal for console device management in virtual console. Your comments are really appreciated! Regards, Lingbo -- next part -- An embedded and charset-unspecified text was scrubbed... Name: vt-dev-investigation.txt URL:

[vconsole-discuss] Proposal for active link in VT

2007-07-05 Thread LingBo Tang
Darren J Moffat wrote: What manages /dev/vt/active ? When does it change ? Does it ever not exist ? In general, we think vtdaemon can manage this file. we also tried to use devname file system, but not finalized yet. Anyway, after a success VT switch, the target of the symlink will be set

[vconsole-discuss] [Fwd: devname and VT]

2007-07-06 Thread LingBo Tang
Darren J Moffat wrote: LingBo Tang wrote: - current VT usage model is not match with devname as other cases, like pts and clearview; - manage active link as symlink in devname filesystem requests expand current devname. - VT daemon can update the contents of active link by two syscalls

[vconsole-discuss] devname file system and VT

2007-07-11 Thread LingBo Tang
Dear all, Based on the discussion these days, there is an update version of summary. It introduces the behavior of /dev/vt on devname file system for VT. Your comments are appreciated. 1. The device nodes under /dev/vt are managed by devname file system built-in functions. These files are real

[vconsole-discuss] Re: What is the current status of virtual consoles?

2007-04-02 Thread LingBo Tang
Nigel Smith wrote: Ok, I have given it a try, and here is my feedback: I have never done an install from a bfu archive before, but I thought I would give it a try. Usefully, Ben Rockwood gave some advice, via his blog, on how to do a bfu upgrade, at just the right time:

[vconsole-discuss] Re: What is the current status of virtual consoles?

2007-04-05 Thread LingBo Tang
Darren J Moffat wrote: David Bustos wrote: Quoth LingBo Tang on Mon, Apr 02, 2007 at 09:15:18AM +0800: Nigel Smith wrote: It seems you cannot (always) immediately follow Alt-F#, by another Alt-F# and get the next console. Sometimes it works, but other times it just displays ^[[22# (Where

[vconsole-discuss] Re: Re: What is the current status of virtual

2007-04-06 Thread LingBo Tang
David Bustos wrote: Quoth LingBo Tang on Fri, Apr 06, 2007 at 10:26:43AM +0800: The usage of Alt-h will be removed in next version because the 1st virtual console stand for /dev/console now. You can use Alt-F1 for system console. Alt-h is a sequence in old solaris (maybe 2.5 or 2.6), and we

[vconsole-discuss] Question regarding compatibility

2007-04-23 Thread LingBo Tang
virtual console depends on another project coherent console which use kernel terminal emulator instead of OBP for console output on SPARC. So far, coherent console can only run with XVR-100. The support on other graphic cards are still in development I guess. William Yang wrote: Is virtual

[vconsole-discuss] Re: [osol-discuss] Virtual Console new release available NOW!

2007-04-24 Thread LingBo Tang
Mike Ford Ditto wrote: Also in Amiga Unix there was an index screen that showed a brief list of the open virtual consoles and a w(1)-like display of what was running on each one. You could use the arrow keys or mouse to switch to one of the screens. The index screen could be selected by

[vconsole-discuss] vconsole prototype yet ?

2006-07-11 Thread LingBo Tang
Alan Coopersmith wrote: Darren J Moffat wrote: Is there a prototype of the vconsole work yet ? See CR# 6446957, we need vconsole to make the GDM/GNOME Switch User functionality work properly. Virtual console is also needed for gdm to replace the current hacky method used by dtlogin for

[vconsole-discuss] vconsole prototype yet ?

2006-07-11 Thread LingBo Tang
Alan Coopersmith wrote: LingBo Tang wrote: On the other hand, I like gdm's way who does not provide a 'command line login' option at all. That's a bug, not a feature - before gdm replaces dtlogin, it needs to provide a way to get to a command line login, and the planned way of doing

[vconsole-discuss] vconsole prototype yet ?

2006-07-11 Thread LingBo Tang
Alan Coopersmith wrote: LingBo Tang wrote: I mean I think there is no need for 'command line login' option after virtual console implementation. There might be an option in the GUI, but it should just activate a virtual console switch with instructions on how to return. Do you mean

[vconsole-discuss] vconsole prototype yet ?

2006-07-12 Thread LingBo Tang
Riny Qian wrote: Furthermore, I think it's a little implicit to return a virtual console from 'command line login' rather than with 'Alt+Ctrl+F#' keys. For instance, if there are more than one consoles opening, who knows which one is the user's target? Previous active virtual console

[vconsole-discuss] current status

2006-08-25 Thread LingBo Tang
Robert Milkowski wrote: Hi. I'm curious what is a current status for vconsoles? Unfortunately I do not understand a word here... :) This project is going quite well, and it has the highest priority now. In the 1st phase, the prototype can work well like Linux mode, and it can switch

[vconsole-discuss] current status

2006-08-26 Thread LingBo Tang
Robert Milkowski wrote: I guess it would be great to make it available on OpenSolaris.org - even in BFU or some other form. At the end you'll have better testing and early user feedback. That's true. It's great to get more feedback from community during our working.