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On Fri March 6 2009 2:39:42 pm Henry E Schaffer wrote:
>   I share in Josh's puzzlement.  Since we don't have and never have had
> a VCL Department, do we need to start one and then close it down?
>   What we have is software which we call "VCL", and this is reflected in
> the documentation and the URL to use our production system (vcl.ncsu.edu).
>   At NC State we use a piece of software which we call "Apache HTTP
> Server".  This name is the same as the ASF project.  We're not the only
> organization which does this.  Ditto for other suftware, e.g. Tomcat.
>   So I don't understand the following quoted material is consistent with
> our situation.
> > > >>> "There must be a name for the project at ASF that isn't used
> > > >>> anywhere else in
> > > >>> the world for any similar project,
> since we don't (now) have any VCL project except for the ASF one.
> > > >>> and anyone who downloads and
> > > >>> installs said
> > > >>> project isn't allowed to use the ASF name in any way."
>   If "ASF name" means the name of our project at ASF, then for the other
> projects, how can people say they are running Apache HTTP Server or
> Tomcat?
>   If "ASF name" means "the name of the Foundation" then there is the
> same conflict when people say they are running Apache HTTP Server or
> Tomcat.
>   Am I missing something?
> --henry schaffer

I just wanted to point out that the part Henry quoted above that had quotes 
around it were my words which were my interpretation of Alan's - not his 


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