I share in Josh's puzzlement.  Since we don't have and never have had
a VCL Department, do we need to start one and then close it down?

  What we have is software which we call "VCL", and this is reflected in
the documentation and the URL to use our production system (vcl.ncsu.edu).  

  At NC State we use a piece of software which we call "Apache HTTP
Server".  This name is the same as the ASF project.  We're not the only
organization which does this.  Ditto for other suftware, e.g. Tomcat.

  So I don't understand the following quoted material is consistent with
our situation.  

> > >>> "There must be a name for the project at ASF that isn't used
> > >>> anywhere else in
> > >>> the world for any similar project, 

since we don't (now) have any VCL project except for the ASF one.

> > >>> and anyone who downloads and
> > >>> installs said
> > >>> project isn't allowed to use the ASF name in any way."

  If "ASF name" means the name of our project at ASF, then for the other
projects, how can people say they are running Apache HTTP Server or

  If "ASF name" means "the name of the Foundation" then there is the
same conflict when people say they are running Apache HTTP Server or

  Am I missing something?

--henry schaffer

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