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> Are there any Cebuano or Waray community members on the list to offer an
> opinion?

There is no likely productive outcome of sharing more opinions on the bot
issue, even by members of those communities.

The point of my earlier post was an attempt to:

1. derail the rehashing of the Lsjbot-good-or-evil discussion, as it's
pointless and, quite simply, Not Up To You, as Wikimedia-l subscribers, but
up to each specific community, as would be discussed in each community's
on-wiki discussion spaces.
2. separate the "top 10" issue that was the original trigger for this
renewed discussion, and suggest a constructive direction in which that
anxiety could be fruitfully addressed, quite apart from whether and which
communities decide to employ Lsjbot to populate their wikis.

I hope that's clearer now.

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