The Alvarion VL is great for bursty, best effort requirements where 90% of
the user applications can wait for that clear air within the noise floor,
but not for committed rate business class service.



Brad, I see your almost continuous negative posts about VL and cannot help but wonder why you continue to send these posts over and over and over to this list. I do not need to be told every day that VL is bad in the "world according to Brad Belton". We have all heard you say it 100 times I think. (Maybe several time that if we look at your posts to other lists about the same issues) Please change the record. There are many of us who do not agree with you that find your non-stop nitpicking posts to be a nuisance to this list.

We get hate VL. You stated your piece and we all read about it, OVER and OVER. Alvarion is open to criticism just as any other platform and we show no favoritism but enough is enough. Please move on to another topic.

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