By the way, are you a Roshi or a monk or a sensei? I am sorry that I may sound 
disrespectful to you and the other guy (forgot who he was), but this forum has 
been in existence around ten years and there have been a lot of people claiming 
to be senseis or monks and sometimes they were not and sometimes they were and 
unfortunately they usually had their feelings hurt and left so whenever I do 
not see you post I presume you already gave up and left. Apparently the other 
guy did as he has not posted in a long time. 

Thank you for giving so much, this is character building though some call it 


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  Chan is One, the big One. The One which supports everything visible and 
  invisible on an equal basis without preference. The fact that each 
  tree grows differently maybe obvious to our eyes, but the causes of 
  their differences are difficult to see. Often, instead of pondering on 
  the cause, and causes of causes of their difference, we label these 
  trees by comparing them and deluded to believe that our labels were real.

  Every incident, encounter, formation and phenomenon in our lives are the 
  result of some causes, and each cause are often caused by generations of 
  causes. It is our purpose, as Chan practitioners, to 
  satisfy/consummate/resolve/ferry each one, such that this karma does not 
  propagate. This the "first act of perfection" -- giving. Not judging, 
  categorizing, filing away, ignoring, but giving.

  It is our practice to recognize the variations of cause and effect and 
  learn from them to resolve/satisfy externally as well as make peace 
  internally, such that our spirituality is strengthened and enhanced.

  Lotus does not grow from clean water. The bigger the mud, the bigger 
  the lotus.

  Let us do it together.

  > Cynthia,
  > The only thing that can be done to stop the flaming is to turn this 
  > forum into a fully moderated forum in which the moderator - Al - reads 
  > and approves postings before allowing them on the forum. Al could also 
  > probably block some contributors, but they could get around this very 
  > easily by just registering as a different name.
  > A fully moderated forum has a lot of drawbacks:
  > - it's a LOT OF WORK for the moderator
  > - it slows down posting exchanges
  > - it gives the power of censorship to the moderator - which in this 
  > case is Al, whom I'm comfortable with, but it's always a bone of 
  > contention
  > - there are probably more drawbacks that I haven't thought of...
  > I think it would be better to keep the forum open and just censor the 
  > postings yourself - by using your delete key.
  > Also, and maybe the best suggestion, is we could all help reduce the 
  > flaming by not responding to flames - which I am guilty of. I do that 
  > because flaming doesn't bother me. Not responding would reduce the 
  > reason to flame because there would be no indignant reaction to fuel 
  > the flames.
  > What does everyone else think?
  > Al, this topic keeps coming up. What do you think?
  > ...Bill!
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  > I just want the flaming to stop. How can we get that crap off the group?
  > Cynthia
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