Hi Bill,

I have some time now to write.  Your reply below is quite similar to many stories I read about zen teachers in Japan.  Just for reader's reference, let me share with you about our school's teaching style.  The traditional "yell" by Rizai and the "beating" by Soto are no longer utilized now in our school.  On the contrary,

Our Teacher, as well as most of his qualified instructors, will answer every detail of their own journey or what they have personally witnessed without holding back.   If the practitioner raised an eye-brow or had a questionable look, he/she gets a smile in return.  When we meet Him, He always stand up and greet us.  When we leave, He always see us to the door and thank us.  When we have dinner/lunch, He always invite us to sit down first.  In other words, He teaches us equality of Buddha Nature through actions.  His path is nothing more valuable than ours.  He is equal to everyone of us.

Everything in our school is about personal "practice and witness".  It is possible because we have a tour guide who has been there.  There is no need for anything else.   We know, because we have witnessed, the Buddha Nature in each one of us dictates at the end.

We recently published a book in Chinese, "Transmission of Buddha Heart."  It collected and edited the essence of our teaching of 25 years.  If the readers are interested, we'll translate it into English.


Bill Smart wrote:


In your post attached below you asked me to share with you what I
have "...experienced/witnessed with Only THIS or Just Sit".

If were were sitting face-to-face my immediate RESPONSE would have
been to slap you (or the floor or table - anything within reach) and
yell Just THIS!

My first THOUGHT after reading your post was 'nothing is withheld'.

After thinking it over for a little bit I decided I would reply 'no I

More thinking lead me to cite three reasons of why I cannot:
1. I don't know how to put this into words, much less text that I
can post on a site.
2. If I even tried it would most likely be inadequate and misleading.
3. Just THIS is something you have to experience for yourself (or
more properly put 'without your self'), and certainly without me.

In the end I decided to respond by chronicling all-of-the-above
to 'share' with you the entire process I went through to respond to
your post.

This question is the kind of question I used to get from my Zen
Master/Teacher during dokusan (private interviews) especially when I
was going through koan study. His 'requests' more like challenges or
demands, and he was much, much less polite about them than you are.
He expected ACTION, immediate action. The action could be verbal,
even words, but it had to be IMMEDIATE and decisive - evasion or
indecisevness would spell doom for you (the ringing of his bell which
means the interview was over and you had to leave the room).

So, JMJM, what's in your wallet?


--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED]ps.com, Jue Miao Jing Ming - 覺妙精明
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]..> wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> Can you share with me what have you experienced/witnessed with Only
> or Just Sit.
> Thanks,
> JM


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