Got it.  Thanks, JM
PS.  Often I don't get all postings either.  Frequently they arrived too late.  Oh well, that's technology...

Bill Smart wrote:


For some reason when I try to REPLY to your postings using the website
the text isn't copied into the REPLY space. I think that is because
you are using HTML to write your postings and not text. Anyway, I've
reproduced your posting below and my response follows:

JMJM wrote:
>Hi Bill,
>Thank you for your "thoughtful" reply. My question is not on this
>Buddha Nature level, but more on a everyday term. For instance,
>any witness to your health? Younger looking? Any awareness to your
>ego?  Any relationship improvements? Spiritual well being such as
>happier, etc. JM

That's a hard question to answer. I don't know how I would have turned
out if I hadn't got involved in zen, so I don't know what attributes I
now have that I could attribute to zen. But, I'll take a guess. I'll
list some of my current attributes that I notice are somewhat different
than the majority of other people, and that I have a hunch have
something to due to my zen practice:

- I enjoy good health for my age (62). I am overweight, but remain
fairly active. People guess my age at mid-40's.
- I am usually very calm and thoughtful. Not much rattles me. I am
aware when my ego starts acting up (like anger, desires, disapointment,
etc...) When it does I am usually able to immediately 'step back' and
deal with the situation as a disinterested 3rd party.
- I have always enoyed good relationships with family, friends, working
companions and my spouse. A lot of people consider me a very good or
even best friend that I don't consider especially good friends of
mine. Many people come to me for advice. My first marraige lasted 20
years and ended amicably. I lived alone (as a bachelor) for about 10
years. My second and current marraige is 5 years old and is a strong
and loving relationship.

I dont think I have any spirituality. I don't need anything more than
I get from shikantaza (zazen - clear mind) to bring me contentment.
Sometimes I am very happy and sometimes I am sad, but that all occurs
in front of a background of contentment.

I am a Capricorn. My favorite color is blue and my lucky number is
3. ... Just kidding ;>)... to what all parts of that self-profile above are attributible
to zen - I really don't know.



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