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Here is my response describing satori in words:




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> Margie,
> You wrote:
> >Am I the only one who is struck funny that a writer (me) is having a > >text-only discussion about the difficulties and uselessness of words!?
> I know you are a recent participant to this forum, but this is a
theme that
> I rail about all the time - especially when I get painted into a verbal
> corner by some of the other more skillful posters. But, in fact, I
> when it comes to zen words are indeed 'difficult' to use
effectively, but
> not 'useless'. You, being a poet, should be able to find a way to
> yourself by using words in new and different ways to reach the
reader that
> even the most adroit prose cannot.

I should have been more specific. I meant the uselessness of words to
describe Satori - sorry. As I tried to say, what I wrote here about my
experience is good and accurate, but it is only a very small part of
what it was actually like. And of course you are correct about poetry.
I'm going to let this "idea" of yours go and see what happens if it
comes back. Hmphf! I wonder if that last sentence makes any sense...

> I've always thought the most appropriate response to a post asking about
> Buddha Nature would be to not respond - a no-post, silence; but that
> work very well in a text-based internet forum setting. So...we
post, and we
> post, and we post.

No silence doesn't work in ascii text. And psychology tells us that
there will always be even more misunderstandings than in face-to-face
communication. I don't mean to suggest that we completely abandon
words - for one thing I'd be out of a job! I just think we should all
keep the limited nature of language in mind.

> I hope to see more of your posts and read more of your words and be
able to
> be affected by more of your thoughts in the very near future.
> ...Bill!

You will definitely hear from me again :-)
Margie (roloro1557)

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