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Yes, but we have to be careful in understanding that. It's not like there is the body sitting isolated in the middle of the physical world and consciousness is outside the body out in the physical world.

The proper understanding is that both the physical world and the body that appears to be located within it are both constructs of consciousness. So consciousness pervades the entire physical world including the physical body in a sense. And this is true for the physical world and body of each observer which is different, though each can appear as an actor in the world of the others.

This means that consciousness and the physical world are identical and inseparable, just different perspectives on the same thing.


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Hi Edgar,

This sounds very much like the stuff I read that I told you about.
The stuff based on quantum physics that said consciousness is
non-local. It said there are no such things as out-of-body experiences
because consciousness is not located in the body to begin with. It
said the fact that we think it is located in our bodies is just an
illusion. I can't remember the name of the book or article I where I
read this, but I remember the author was Michael Talbot and it was
sometime in the 80's.

I find all of this quite intriguing. I had no trouble with
HardProblem, being a non-physicist and non-scientist, it was plain and
easy to understand. I thought it was very elegant and plausible.

Margie (roloro1557)

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> As to the OBE, I really haven't felt I had to explain it.
> It was just something that happened. In my view it is a
> fundamental mistake to think consciousness is located or
> centered in the physical body, since everything we see
> and experience is actually happening in our own head and
> the idea of an individual 'self' is just a cognitive
> construct, so that cognitive construct can subjectively
> locate its concept of observer anywhere it wants, at
> least temporarily. In that view 'our' consciousness
> continually pervades everything that we experience to
> its furtherest boundaries. Since all that is experienced
> is consciousness, consciousness must then be antecedent
> to the division between self and not self.

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