Excellent point!

Do what comes naturally, but do not harm any sentient being.

Most humans feel a natural compassion for their own families, friends,
kinsfolk and persons of the same race, tribal, ethnic, religious,
national or cultural group.

Some humans feel a natural bonding toward dogs or cats or other small

I think that Jesus and Buddha advocated the development of compassion
toward all, which starts as a mental conception, but with practice can
become second nature, we are told.


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> Thinking of your own 'self' is okay as long as you are not attached to
your self. Thinking of others in that same way is okay because they are
the same as your self. It's okay to think of your right hand and okay to
think of your left hand.
> The point for this thread is that this thinking of, and perhaps acting
for yourself or others is spontenous and not a result of any hope for
reward or fear of punishment - like satisfying an internal goal or
external rule to be compassionate. A third party might call it
compassion, but for you it is just putting one foot in front of the
> ...Bill!

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