LOL, Anthony.

Perhaps if you could put quotation marks on "foreign devil" and explain what it means.

Thank you.

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I watched your acupuncture movie only for 2 seconds, and I knew what it meaned. I have not seen scientific papers prove the existing or functioning of chi on a direct basis. But you must agree that it is proved to exist by the following:
-  Acupuncture works and cures, and it is based on chi.
- Some qigong masters can transfer chi from his body to yours to serve certain purposes. I personally experienced that when I had a pain in my leg. JM's shool had a foreign devil feeling the chi flow from his heart chan master to him.

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    Example: ?
    But have any rigorous, scientific studies, published in
    peer-reviewed journals, demontrated chi at a physical level?
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    > there is no doubt that chi exists on a physical level.
    > Anthony

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